23 Aprile 2016


12˚C di giorno – 2-5 di notte…

i pomodori seminati un mese fa spuntanto solo ora

Seminato (intorno al 18 aprile- bed 1 ) : coriandolo, barbabietole e ravanelli sotto la cloche,  bietole in parallelo a cloche, e scalogno


Oggi semina in tunnel: runner beans (circa 10 semi) e climbing french beans  (Lidl)


31 Marzo 2016

Di notte ancora 1 o 2 gradi – vento freddo, 10-11˚al sole – la terra é ancora motlo fredda e zuppa

Semine interno: sungold tomatoes e cardi nello stesso vassoietto

cosmos bianchi alti

cosmos rosa doppi bassi – in vasetto quadrato

runner beans

In vasi vari e messi in casetta giardino: tuberi di dalia che non hanno fiorito l’anno scorso

Trapiantato un mirtillo

Messa spiraea in vaso grande – sperém…

Spostata la Dicentra – ora e’ nel vaso blu grande – provare a propagare l’anno prossimo





25 September


What happened to my gardening journal? As I suspected… have been doing enough work in the garden, and then was too tired to write about it. Not true.

I just cannot keep a proper journal, and this is also true for plant labels: wether I use them or not I always end up not knowing what is what…

So much happened in the garden:

new population:

July 2013: the chickens arrive..


less griselinia: before, during and after….

Much more light, and it had become useless as a windbreak, thanks Meitheal! (the pictures were taken in July – we had the best summer ever!)

IMG_9507 IMG_9508 IMG_9509


After three meagre summers – vegetable wise – things are good!








IMG_9542 IMG_9541 IMG_9540 IMG_9539 27th April


5 beech saplings and 5 Rowan

Beetroot, broad beans and lettuces in bed 4

22nd April

Cloudy and drizzly – then sunny from around 1 pm!

Today’s sowings

Cerinthe – in modules

Mangetout – Carouby de Maussane – very old seeds – the expiry date was about 6 years ago – some in modules, some in tunnel border, some outside

Dwarf French beans “the prince” – modules

Climbing french beans “Eva” – modules

Zucchine: Romanesco, zucchini (???) , soleil

Pattypan squash

Melon Midget

Beetroot Chioggia : one module tray and one row in tunnel border

Radishes – 2 rows between strawberry plants

Planted the strawberries from last years runners – some in soil some in pots.

Have to fix south side of PT – last week storm must have lifted the whole thing!

Transplanted tomato seedlings – the chillies did not germinate at all – may try another sowing now that it is warmer.

The tulips look amazing.




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