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4 Responses to Truth

  1. viapina says:

    Translation per favore. 🙂

    • pivi63 says:

      Ciao Pina, here it is: “He who doesn’t speak up and keeps his head down dies everytime he does that, he who speaks up and walks with his head up dies only once.”
      Giovanni Falcone was an Italian magistrate who was killed by Cosa Nostra in an ambush in Sicily, in 1992 – in a few days is the anniversary of his death (23rd May) – His wife and some of the men escorting him died in the as well. He was one of the too few Italian men that lived with full integrity, fighting against the mafia and a system that far too often colludes with the organized crime. A few weeks later, in July, his colleague and friend Paolo Borsellino was murdered by Cosa Nostra.
      I remember clearly waking up and hearing the news on the radio – and crying for hours at the injustice of it.

  2. 76sanfermo says:

    Non conoscevo questa massima….
    Ma e’ da tenere in mente . Grazie piVi

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