Mist … and cakes

The lake is as beautiful as ever, it is Sunday but very few people are out – this is what I really like about the end of the summer…

Terri Kearney’s  book Lough Hyne:  From Prehistory to the Present , about this magical place is fantastic, and can be found  here, from Skibberreen Heritage Center.

Lough Hyne


I walked to Barlogue pier – the same place where I took the header photograph.


And these are two cakes I made for a little girl christening

Crostata di frutta

Crostata di frutta,  no need to write the recipe, a basic sweet shortcrust base, pastry cream and fresh fruit.

And a Chocolate fudge cake


The recipe used is from Nigella Lawson : www.nigella.com

The cake is moist and rich, and the buttercream is the best I’ve tried so far – I usually do not like buttercream, always too sweet but this one uses dark chocolate instead of cocoa. I think the big mistakes about buttercream is that too many people making cupcakes (which by the way I can’t stand – they may look pretty but you’ll never see one here) use salted butter or –  even worst – margarine.

Since I do not have the right size tin for the recipe, and I felt too lazy to start calculating volumes and make conversions for the tins I have, I searched online and found this really brilliant tool:

The CakeOmeter

One only needs to type in the ingredients and tin size of the original recipe, and the size of the new tin and in one click the scaled recipe is there!

The website, Cakebaker  has recipes, books, and more tools like the price calculator – and also apps that allow you to cost the cake, calculate how much frosting/icing you’ll need and more!

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2 Responses to Mist … and cakes

  1. ViaPina says:

    MMMmmmmm and a hot whiskey!

  2. 76sanfermo says:

    Fantastic post , Paola!

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