6th April

Planted potatoes (at last) – no dig: compost, cardboard, grass clippings, covered with landscaping fabric until they come out.


Pink Fie Apple and Juliette along the raspberry bed

Nicola and Sharpe between blueberry and quince – plan to plant more fruit bushes there next year.

Planted onion sets – late but will see, weather is still very cold.

12 April 2013

Planted more spuds: Maris peer in future herb bed.

Potted one blueberry, planted cranberries in the corner of herb bed

Planted blueberry next to chicken run

The tomatoes look dreadful – it took one month to germinate and they are growing really slowly.

Scattered saved calendula and california poppy seeds along SW side of chicken run

And the gift of the day….




I planted the bulbs 4 years ago – this is the first year that they seem finally established – hopefully they’ll spread.

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2 Responses to Garden

  1. 76sanfermo says:

    Long time no see….
    Ciao , Paola ,che belle foto!

  2. villapina says:

    Hola chica. Thanks, those are my favorite flowers! The other name for them is, Fairy Flowers. Ciao de Pino

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