Garden notes: hop, blueberry and currant

This is the first post about the garden, and mostly is for me to remember what I did when. This means that gardening posts may be really really short – like this one!

I’ve planted the hop rhizomes that Eve gave me yesterday, on the right side of the entrance to the vegetable plot. Will have to put in place a support for when it grows, there is already another one on the other side, it will make a pretty arch into the vegetable garden.

(Would like to get some reinforcing bars and make the archway)

Planted one of the blueberry plants I bought at Bantry market – still have to decide where to put the other 2. 

Moved the now rooted cutting of currant – obviously I do not remember if it is red or black… will have to wait for the summer to find out.

Dug over, weeded, and spread seaweed on half of bed n. 2 – will post a plan of the garden some day. 

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One Response to Garden notes: hop, blueberry and currant

  1. 76sanfermo says:

    In due time , let me know if it’s red or black……..

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